July 26, 2015 

     Michael and Mia came over today and we watched a movie and made lunch and then we went out to Ediz Hook. Mia and I lost our balance walking on a log on the beach that was halfway in the water and we both fell in and got soaking wet. On the way back, we opened the sunroof and since nobody at all was out there, we made Michael slow down and then Mia and I stood up and let our hair whip in the wind behind us and we had the sun in our eyes and salt on our tongues and I felt free and alive and young.

     And it was just one of those moments I know I’m going to keep forever…driving down the road, standing up through the sunroof, the ocean on either side of the spit, our arms in the air, and the radio turned all the way up…it felt like we were in a movie or something. And I was so happy.

And then it hit me that things won’t always be like this. I won’t always be seventeen. I won’t always live in this place and go to this school and work at these jobs and spend my time with these people…I won’t always have this. But I have it right now. 

Today was a special day and that moment was a special moment and I’ll never have it again. But that’s okay. Because I recognized it. I really want to enjoy these moments while I live them and while they last because I know they won’t always last.  // 

This is the story behind the song “Bittersweet.” The journal entry turned into a stanza and the stanza turned into a song (and I never thought I would play the song for anyone let alone share it anywhere on the Internet but it’s already on Facebook so I thought I might as well post the story and the link to the song on here as well 😛 ).