We don’t have much time.

Everyone is always coming and going.

It seems like everybody always leaves,

Including you.

You get on a plane to some new place

Where you have to start all over again.

We don’t have much time. 

Maybe a year or a few months or even 

A couple of days left.

It’s happened to you before.

When all of a sudden another person you love is gone and

Sometimes you don’t even get to say goodbye. 

All of a sudden she’s in a different city 

And he’s halfway across the world

And you? You’re left feeling numb.

Because you’re used to it.

And you know you’re leaving too


You’ll move to a new house

And go to a new school

And hear a new language

And make new memories

And everything will be different,

Especially you.

You can try to keep in touch but it’s not the same. 

Because they have new friends and you have new friends.

It’s hard when they’re not right there with you,

Seeing what you see.

Feeling what you feel.

And so, when you meet someone new,

Someone like you, someone like us, 

Who also has left their heart in so many places, 

Who belongs to so many people, 

Who has loved and lost and grieved in the same ways you have…

There’s a connection you can’t explain. 

Because…because they understand

We don’t have much time. 

So we’ll be honest and real and raw 

And open our hearts and dive in the deep end.

We’ll be trusting and vulnerable 

Carry each others secrets and 

Share each others’ tears 

And you’ll probably just be another person I’ll lose…

To new friends in a new town in a new country 

In a year or two or a few months 

Or even a few days. 

Anything can happen, really.


You’ll become a part of me. 

Melt into all the other places and people 

I hold in my heart 

Fade into the bittersweet memories of times

I can never revisit

With people I’ll never forget

We don’t have much time.

So we’ll make the most of it. 

We have to.