I didn’t want to move here.

The air is cold and the weather is moody

And after the clouds wring themselves out

Over this sleepy little town,

Even they move on…


I pretended not to notice

The snow decorating the mountains

The seagulls gliding over the harbor

The foaming waves of the Elwha

Crashing against mossy rocks.

I hated the cold,

I hated the rain

I wouldn’t be happy here

I couldn’t be happy here.

But then

I walked past the murals on the city walls

And stopped for a moment, studying them

And I climbed the tower on the pier and looked out

Over the water as the ships sailed by

And as I watched the setting sun

Melt into Lake Crescent,

Liquid gold rippling

Beneath a fire sky,

As I sang along to the radio

Driving up the winding road to

Hurricane Ridge this summer

I found my heart had melted with the snow.

And now,

I let myself taste the salt in the air

I wave across the water to Victoria

And I skip pebbles out on Ediz Hook

Because my mind is changing with the leaves

And I’m starting to think I want to be

In the town where the mountains greet the sea.

I want to stay here.

The Northwest is my home

And the mountains are my friends.

And I’ll treasure the sweet memories

I’ve made in this quiet little town

Long after I move on.